Monday Morning Solo Ride: 65 miles

Monday Morning Solo Ride: 65 miles

Today I wanted to do several hill repeats in order to get some sort of interval work in, but not super hardcore intervals. I chose to drive over to Bald Plate Mountain Park and parked the car at the top of Pleasant Valley Road. I went up and down the hill 15 times before going for a 20 mile ride on other roads. My Garmin watch said I had 2 km of elevation gain, but when I uploaded the file to Garmin I came up 8 meters short of 2000. Even though calculations for elevation gain are so iffy, I’m not going to count this ride as one with 2K of elevation gain. CLICK HERE to see the route at Garmin Connect. CLICK HERE to see the route at RideWithGPS which says my ride included 2070 meters of climbing. I’m pretty tired after this ride. Hills are not my forte!

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3 Responses to Monday Morning Solo Ride: 65 miles

  1. Andre says:

    So close yet so far….

  2. Alex E, the inspector regarding Ascent Achievement claims in my Metric Century Challenge says:

    2010m per 100K.

    I downloaded his ride from Garmin connect as a TCX file, then uploaded it to Ride with GPS. Then I used the select function to take out the initial downhill at the start of the ride. You’re left with 102.3 k and 2059m, which is 2010m in 100k.

    But if people are going to cut it this close, then at least a Ride with GPS map or barometric altimeter will help their cause…

  3. I’ve input the Achievement on the Challenge Board. Still two achievements left to get if I can.

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