Sunday Morning Solo Ride: 62 miles

Sunday Morning Solo Ride: 62 miles

I raced at the track yesterday. I didn’t do so well, but I was not embarrassed by my showing either. Figured out my gear is too big for me right now. I used a 51×15, and I suspect I should be using a 50×16. Ordered the cog I need this morning before I left for my ride. Hopefully it will come in the mail before next weekend. đŸ™‚

The ride today was supposed to be a recovery ride. However, about 5 miles into it I took a spill and landed hard on my right hip. Really hurt! I’m having problems walking. Got back up and rode the rest of my planned ride though. I figured the ride would do me good. It would put off the stiffness that is bound to come. I don’t really want to think how stiff I’m going to be tomorrow.

The towpath was a pleasure to ride on today. There were a fair number of people out enjoying it – both on the PA side and the NJ side. Saw a ton of large female snapping turtles along the towpath in PA between the Frenchtown bridge and Upper Black Eddy. Saw a few on the NJ side on the way back. Must be egg-laying time. All of them were burrowing holes to stick their eggs. I had to abandon the towpath just before getting to the footbridge at Lumberton. Got back on at Lumberton. And the most northerly point on the path in PA is where I was forced to turn around. The trail was all dug up and could not be traversed. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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