Friday Morning Solo Ride in DC: 68 miles

Friday Morning Solo Ride in DC: 68 miles

Yesterday during my canal towpath ride on my CX bike from Princeton to New Brunswick and back I got to thinking how much I really enjoy riding along quality towpaths. It caused me to think back to another life when I lived and worked in Washington, DC and used to jog along a little portion of the Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Canal Towpath. Back then I had a town bike and a road bike, but no CX bike or mountain bike. As a result I never rode a bike on the 185-mile  monster of a towpath that goes continuous from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, PA. But now I have the bike and the time Рso I decided to drive to DC this morning to situate myself for a long ride on the C&O Canal Towpath on Saturday.

When I arrived in DC this morning I stopped at the Fitzgerald Tennis Center on 16th St NW to park my car and depart on a sloppy metric century within the city limits of DC. All was going fine until I mistakenly slipped over the city boundary line at mile 58.84 for a couple hundred yards. As soon as I figured my error I turned around and slipped back into the city. Funny thing is though, DC is not a state; it’s merely part of the US of A. So there really was no point to stay within its boundaries. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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