Wednesday Morning Solo Ride: 62 miles

Wednesday Morning Solo Ride: 62 miles

Thunderstorms and rain this morning at 4 AM.  Wet outside at 5 when I drove to the club to swim. Since Pia was there I was guilted into actually swimming a mile. The weather seemed to be clearing while I was in the pool, so I opted to not do my hour of running drills. Got home by 8:15, and was out on the roads riding my bike by 8:45. Today’s ride was a true recovery ride. I didn’t feel like training, but I didn’t feel like just veggin out either. So an easy spin on flat roads while trying to stay out of the sun. Because of the sun I stopped off at home around mile 51 so I could have a couple of glasses of cold chocolate milk. That rest stop lasted 15 minutes or so. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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