Saturday Morning Solo Ride: 63 miles

Saturday Morning Solo Ride: 63 miles

It was kind of chilly this morning when I headed out for my ride. I put on a T shirt and a sweat shirt in order to stay comfortably warm. Most of the ride was on the towpath or off-road riding in Mercer Meadows Park outside Lawrenceville. Eventually it warmed up. I wasn’t feeling all that good today on the bike. But I got it done. Another metric century to add to my list. CLICK HERE to see the route.

PS. The Garmin map looks a little odd for this ride. It says I started in Titusville NJ instead of Princeton NJ. What happened is that I went for a ride yesterday morning about the same time I went for one this morning. Yesterday’s ride departed from Titusville. I was going to use my Garmin device to track that ride. However, the battery was down to 5% charged when I turned it on and pressed the Start button. I turned it off without pressing the Stop button, and didn’t use it for the ride. When I got home I charged the device, but never reset it. This morning when I got up I turned on the Garmin device, pressed the Start button, and started riding. Apparently the Garmin device tracks time from the first instance the rider says he starts the ride, i.e., yesterday around 6 AM. Without resetting it the total time for the ride keyed off that start time. By looking at the data for the ride it looks like there were 24 hours of breaks for a 4.5 hour ride. Funny!

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