Wednesday Morning Solo Ride in CT: 63 miles

Wednesday Morning Solo Ride in CT: 63 miles

Stayed with a family friend last night, and I’ll be staying here again tonight. West Brookfield, MA is the home base. New England seems to be having what they call a heat wave. The high temp the last several days has been in the mid-90s. Since I don’t like the heat, it is imperative that I get out on my bike early to beat the heat. I tried to do it this morning, but I was a little late getting started. I had to drive from where I was staying some 20 miles south to start from Quinebaug, CT. I parked at the US Post Office situated there. The entire bike ride I did was done in Connecticut. I did not pace myself very well on this ride. I hit the early hills harder than I should have, and when the heat eventually came I got hot and faded pretty bad toward the end of the ride. When I got back to the car I thought to myself that I might not want to do the ride I have planned for tomorrow in Massachusetts. We’ll see. I was riding my folding bike today – the same one I was riding yesterday, and will be riding tomorrow if I ride. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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