Monday Solo Ride: 63 miles

Monday Solo Ride: 63 miles

4th day in a row of riding, and supposedly another 4 to go. The air temp was wonderful in the middle of the day when I went out. I’d done a mile in the pool early this morning. My legs felt pretty good while riding. It was my rump that was still giving me some problems. Put on a brand new pair of riding shorts. Made a big difference. Still on the CX bike. The gears don’t shift all that well these days. I really should adjust the derailleurs, but I’m too lazy to do so. Oh well. CLICK HERE to see the route. It was really a pretty simple route. I’m kind of surprised I never thought it up before.

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1 Response to Monday Solo Ride: 63 miles

  1. Andre says:

    Do yourself a favour Jeff and give it a break. Seriously these tiny victories can’t be that important to you. Or come with us on our metric tomorrow and really have a good time!

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