Monday All-Day Ride: 125 miles

Monday All-Day Ride: 125 miles

I finally fit my Atlantic City ride from Princeton into my To Do List. I had originally wanted to do it last week as one of the rides in my 8-day string of rides. But after doing the 140 mile ride from NYC to Princeton I figured that the short days would make the AC ride a problem. Plus my rump wasn’t really up to all that riding that I did last week, and an extra 125 mile ride thrown into the mix would have killed me.

Today was actually about as perfect of a day to ride to the shore as can be imagined. The temp was good, the sun was limited, and the wind was not too bad. Thus I did not bake on the ride, didn’t get dehydrated, and didn’t need too much food. I rode the CX bike again, and left the house at 7:40 AM I think. Traffic never posed a problem. I stuck pretty much to the planned route. When I got to Ocean City I improvised a little. CLICK HERE to see the route.

I caught the 4:41 PM train out of AC to Pennsauken where I caught the NJT light rail train up to Trenton. When I got to Trenton it was dark outside, so I got a train ticket from Trenton to Princeton Junction. I rode my bike home from the PJ train station.

Today’s ride marks the end of my Metric Challenge rides that are optional. I got an email today from someone who says he finds enjoyment in riding 100k bike rides. I wish I could share those sentiments. However, I’ve NEVER enjoyed riding 100k rides – ever!! I certainly can do them, but the max distance I can find fun in is maybe 50 miles. Typically a 40 to 45 mile ride I enjoy, but without a break or rest stop.

So don’t expect me doing long rides for a good long while now. I have to do one a month through the end of the year, so I’ll probably do one at the end of Oct and one in early Nov. Not sure when I’ll do the December ride? Of course, I’m going to try and make a few of the Tuesday morning rides in October after my rump is given a rest. Might even do some in November, too, if they are still being held.

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