Saturday Workout Summary

Saturday Workout Summary

The Fall weather has finally arrived. It rained all day yesterday, it was raining this morning, and the temp I don’t think will hit 60 today. Not exactly weather to go outside and ride a bike in. I finally felt like going for a ride today after doing all that riding I did last week. Around 10:30 this morning I set up my Cinelli inside and did a 10-mile ride using my indoor trainer. CLICK HERE to see the pace, cadence, and power. I got on the bike to merely loosen up my legs since I have been running a little on them lately. I wanted an easy ride in which I maintained an average cadence of 90 rpm. I  think my comfortable rpm rate is around 85 at present.

After getting off the bike I went to my club in Plainsboro to do a short treadmill run followed by a short stint on the stair stepper. The treadmill was set at 6 mph, and the stepper was set on Level 9. Stayed on each for 1o minutes before heading to the pool for 20 minutes of kicking with fins.

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