Tuesday Workout Summary

Tuesday Workout Summary

Yesterday I didn’t post a workout summary even though I did get some exercise in. It wasn’t until early afternoon that I got over to the fitness club in Plainsboro, but I did manage to get a mile of lap swimming in, then 30 minutes of aqua jogging on 160 bpm, and lastly 30 minutes of kicking with the Zoomer fins. Of course I negated all the exercise by eating a whole key lime pie from Walmart over the course of the day. I had enough of that sweets to last me for at least two months before I’ll want another one!

Today I got over to the fitness club in Rocky Hill at 5 AM. Did a mile of laps in the pool before heading to the therapy pool to do 30 minutes of aqua jogging (this time on 165 bpm). Originally I had planned to do some weights in the gym, but I wasn’t in the mood – so blew it off. This afternoon the temp outside got up to 69, so I decided it was ripe to set up my TT bike (Soma brand) on the back patio using my indoor trainer. I haven’t ridden that bike for months now. Most of the ride was in 4th gear, but there were some easy stretches in 3rd. You can see when I was in 3rd, because that is when the power output drops. CLICK HERE to see the 9 mile ride. [FN1, see below]

My focus on today’s bike ride was to keep the average cadence at 90 or above. And while doing so I didn’t want to keep the gear resistance too low. As a result, today’s ride was pretty high intensity for me. I was sweating pretty good. I wasn’t moving a big gear, but I was huffin and puffin. I’m still nursing a strained left calf muscle from running, so I didn’t want to put out too much effort. Plus, I have a group bike ride to attend tomorrow morning. Looking forward to joining that ride on my road bike.


FN1. You might be wondering how I get ride stats uploaded to my Garmin Connect account regarding mileage, speed, cadence, and power, when I haven’t been riding on the roads. Well, I use a Garmin Forerunner 310XT device to track my rides. It allows me to pair my CycleOps rear hub power meter to it which provides all the information. Really neat. I can go for metric century bike rides in the middle of the winter and stay nice and warm indoors, and at the same time have proof that I actually road the distance.

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