Friday Workout Summary

Friday Workout Summary

Got to the pool when the fitness club opened this morning (5 AM). I was the first swimmer in the pool – Pia and Mary were in very soon thereafter. I swam a quick mile and was out and on my way to the grocery store and home. No buoys, paddles, or fins this morning – just me, some goggles, and a kickboard. 20 of the 72 laps were kick.

This afternoon I did some hopping on the back patio. 30 minutes of hopping on 3 minute intervals – 2 minutes hopping with one minute rest. The metronome was set to 160 bpm. Then I got on the TT bike I had set up on the back patio and rode for 30 minutes. I think there were seven 1-minute pulls where I was working the hamstrings and glutes to the exclusion of the thighs. No pushing the pedals when I was working the hams, instead just pulling on the pedals. The 30 minutes on the bike was followed by a repeat of the hopping I had done before the bike. So the afternoon workout was kind of a brick workout.

The air temp in the afternoon was 61 degrees and the sun was out. Not too windy. Pretty nice afternoon actually.

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