Monday Workout Summary

Monday Workout Summary

Second day in a row that the outside temp was below freezing when I got out of bed. I skipped heading to the club for an early morning workout. I did head over to the gym at 8:30 and did a treadmill workout, lifted some weights, and then finished with 30 laps or so in the lap pool.

The treadmill routine was 5 minutes of walking at 3 mph, then 4x 5 minutes at 6 mph with two minute walking breaks between each. All the walks were at 3 mph. I was focusing on my running form. The run portions were not super high intensity, but I did eventually start to sweat.

The weights focused on latt work and glut and hamstring work. The pool time involved 8 laps of stroke, 10 laps of butterfly kick, 10 laps of freestyle kick, and 2 laps of breaststroke kick.

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