Wednesday Workout Summary

Wednesday Workout Summary

The morning workout consisted of some hopping on the back patio and a 30 minute ride on my TT bike on my trainer on the back patio. The hopping was for an hour using my metronome set at 160 bpm. I did 3 minute sets – 2 minutes of hopping with 1 minute of “rest.” I quickly transitioned into the bike workout. CLICK HERE to see the Garmin readout. The bike ride was not done to get better on the bike. I was just loosening up after the hour of hops. Bike workouts will focus on a 90 rpm cadence or a power readout for intervals somewhere well above 200.

In the afternoon I went to my fitness club in Rocky Hill and did 20 minutes of kicking with fins, mostly butterfly, but some crawl. Then I did 25 minutes of pool running pacing with a metronome set at 165 bpm. I had originally planned to do 30 minutes of kick, and an hour of pool running, but I just didn’t feel like putting out the effort. What I did was quality, but if I’d kept going I don’t think I would have gotten a whole lot out of it. Lastly, I went for a 2 mile walk from Kingston late in the afternoon.

Today’s high temp was around 70. It was a really nice day.

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