Saturday Afternoon Trail Run: 3.5 miles

Saturday Afternoon Trail Run: 3.5 miles

It warmed up to around 55 degrees by early afternoon. I put on some running attire and drove over to Mountain Lakes Park to do some running on the trails there. It’s not the easiest terrain to run on. And it certainly is not flat. I planned to go for about a half hour. I think I went a little beyond that, but not much. Felt pretty good for someone who hasn’t been running outside for quite some time. CLICK HERE to see the route.

I suspect I’m going to be doing a fair amount of trail running over the next couple of months. I’m eyeing Otto’s Farm Park in Hillsborough and Mountain Lakes Park here in Princeton. Otto for variety, and Mountain Lakes for convenience. There are also the trails behind the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton to consider. And of course there are tow path options galore, but they are not very demanding since they are incredibly flat and the surface is easy to run on.

There are some nice trails to explore at Washington Crossing Park on the NJ side of the river. I’ve heard that the trails at Bald Plate Mountain are good. And I suspect the trails are good at St. Michael’s Farm Preserve in Hopewell off Aunt Molly Road.

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