Wednesday Group Bike Ride: 39 miles

Wednesday Group Bike Ride: 39 miles

The temp was in the 50s when my group departed for a short somewhat easy ride into the Sourlands. Present was Andrew, Alf, Larry, Scott, Celeste, and me. We departed at 9:30. I’d already done 30 minutes of kicking in the pool, and 60 minutes of my running drills at 180 bpm in the therapy pool. I was actually going to get some good exercise today! The ride went well. I was on my Cinelli. Notice the Garmin device was set to Running Mode. That’s because the device seems to only let you program the display view once for all bike rides, and once for all runs. I now do most of my riding on my TT bike on an indoor trainer and I have it set to display: time, power, cadence, and speed. No distance is displayed. I’ve set my running display to: time of day, distance, pace, and speed. And when I go for an outdoor bike ride I like to know the time of day, distance and speed. So I’m using my running settings while riding outside. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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