Low Intensity Workouts

Low Intensity Workouts

I just identified in my last post what I am doing primarily for my high intensity workouts – 20 minute treadmill runs. But they only account for 20% of my workouts. And since I am practicing polarized training these days, the other 80% has to be low intensity workouts or lifting weights. I don’t lift weights much right now.

The low intensity stuff I do is swim a mile in the pool. Usually this involves swimming 300 yards of freestyle followed by five repeats of 100 yards of kick and 200 yards of freestyle. I think that adds up to a mile of swimming. I also like to do 30 minutes of continuous butterfly kicking in the pool while wearing Zoomers (yellow fins). I wear the fins not to go faster, but instead to create more resistance against the water when I kick.

A big part of my low intensity stuff is what I call “pool running.” No, I don’t put a floatation device around my waist and try to spin my legs in the deep end of a swimming pool. What I do is put some “pool shoes” on and try to simulate the running motion (up and down) while tapping the bottom of the pool at 180+ taps per minute. I wear a baseball cap on my head and attach a metronome to the bill so I can easily keep track of my pace. These sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes typically. Sometimes I do them in the “therapy pool” where the water temp is around 90 degrees. And sometimes I do them in the “lap pool” where the water temp is around 80 degrees.

Another part of my low intensity stuff is done on my TT (time trial) bike that I have set up on an indoor trainer. The bike has a PowerTap hub built into the rear wheel, and I keep track of the data it emits. However, since these bike rides are low intensity I do not monitor the data (power, cadence, or pace) while doing the ride which typically is capped at 30 minutes, but can go up to 60 minutes. These rides help me tremendously with active recovery, but also are helping me with getting comfortable with a time trial position on a bike. This past year I did mostly road position riding – not TT.

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