Freestyle – EVF Drill

Freestyle – EVF Drill

This video presents one drill to consider when trying to perfect the EVF (early vertical forearm) aspect of your freestyle stroke while swimming. However, this video does not emphasize getting the forearm perfectly vertical. And just doing this drill will probably not do a whole lot in developing your EVF because it does not promote building the muscles necessary to do the EVF well. This drill should be a supplement to a regular program of working with resistance bands on dryland. CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, and CLICK HERE to see some posts regarding resistance bands. It is imperative that you build the muscle on dryland because maintaining good form in the pool is difficult and thus a slow process.

Try mimicking the drill shown in this video on dryland using stretch cords. Don’t bother with sculling, but instead just practice the motion between full extension and causing your forearm to become vertical. Up and down, up and down. Forearm parallel to the ground, then vertical, then parallel to the ground, and then vertical, etc.

Notice in this video how far in front of the shoulders the elbows are when the forearm becomes vertical. If your elbows are in line with your shoulders when your forearms become vertical, then you are not doing the drill properly (or you are not adequately limber). Get more limber if you are not adequately limber. Doing the stretch cord drills will get you properly limber in the fastest time. Push yourself.

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