Running Technique

Running Technique

The runner featured in this video has very good technique. She is very fluid, almost to the point of looking effortless. She uses her glutes and hamstrings to propel herself forward with the help of a forward lean. She doesn’t push off the ground; instead, she bounces because her step cadence is so high. Notice how high her heals come off the ground during the recovery phase of her stride. Very high! And notice how her feet land on the road. She’s a forefoot striker – not a midfoot nor a heal striker.

Why don’t more people run like this? It’s because they don’t train their glutes and hamstrings to work properly when they run. Without the glutes and hamstrings doing most of the work the runner will never be able to get their heals so far off the ground during the recovery phase of their stride. Without that high heal the runner won’t be able to run effortlessly.

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