Recap of Yesterday’s PFW Group Ride

Recap of Yesterday’s PFW Group B Ride

I showed up about 15 minutes early to lead the PFW club ride out of Cranbury from the Village Park location at 10am. The temp was probably somewhere in the low 40s. Nobody showed up to lead the C+ ride. A total of 7 club members were present: 4 who wanted to attend a B ride and 3 who wanted to attend a C+ ride. They all agreed to do my ride since I was “the only leader in town.” I promised not to leave anybody behind while out on the ride. Nobody complained. We did the route depicted by the following map. You can click on the map to see the route at RideWithGPS.

The sun was in and out during the ride. And it was pretty windy. We had a nice tail wind after the rest stop at US Route 1 for a bit. But we had a nice head wind for much of the ride getting to the rest stop. We seemed to fair S Middlebush Rd without alarm or incident. I didn’t really want to go on that road, but the route dictated that I had to. Nobody complained. And at the end of the ride everyone seemed happy with my route choice and how the ride went.

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