200K Calendared Rando Ride

200K Calendared Rando Ride

Two Saturdays ago this ride was supposed to happen. It was bitterly cold outside and there was a threat of snow. In fact, it ultimately snowed and the ride was cancelled midway through. I was a little disappointed not being able to finish. However, today’s rerun was so nice. No snow or rain, but the roads were wet. Temps were between 41 and 46. And there was a much bigger crowd that started. Two weeks ago there were 9 of us out. Today there was something like 25. I finished in the middle of the pack at 9 hours and 8 minutes. I was pleased with myself having completed 125 miles of bike riding today with having done only about 1250 miles of riding since January a year ago. Click on the map below to see the route in RWGPS. CLICK HERE for the results page.

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3 Responses to 200K Calendared Rando Ride


    I was really surprised to see your name in the final protocol (I participated in their “Fall Classics” in Nov last year and now they email me their updates). You said the max ride you could enjoy was no longer than 35 m! Obviously you were lying as always, what could one expect from a lawyer…. 🙂

    PS I wanted to take the same ride but got a flu. Maybe we can train together time to time

    • Hey! Good to hear from you. As I recall telling you I do not enjoy rides over 45 to 50 miles. Still don’t! However, I’m aiming to compete in the 500m and 2000m TT’s on the velodrome at Masters Track in June down in South Carolina. Part of the training for those two races involves endurance workouts. And rando rides seem to qualify for endurance events. What better way to train than to just enter an event here and there?

      I’ll be leading two PFW Saturday rides in the second half of February. I think they will commence at noon and depart from Village Park in Cranbury. Maybe we can hook up on those rides? When I’m not doing rando rides in March I plan to attend the B+ rides out of Village Park that Fenner usually leads.

      As you are probably aware, I didn’t join PFW last year nor did I ride very much. The guys on the brevet were really surprised I was keeping up on so few miles ridden over the past year. Actually, I was too.

      • Alex V says:

        Thanks for reply! i’m looking forward to Sat noon rides. maybe I will start riding with the Cranbury crowd too.

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