Winter Larry B Ride

Winter Larry B Ride

My left shoulder is kind of messed up. Can’t use it too well. Injury. Bummer. Anyway, I needed to go for a cold bike ride today. So I decided to depart from home at 8:15 when it was 30 degrees outside, and see if the PFW B ride was going to depart from Cranbury at 9. I arrived in Cranbury just before 9, and there were 4 others there to go for a ride: Larry, Laura, Ed, and Ralph. I was on my Schwinn High Sierra with panniers attached. We went for THIS RIDE as I recall. I sketched it later from memory since I was not using a Garmin device on the ride. I had a good time, and I was able to keep up. The ride for me was 23 miles more than the route since I rode to and from home to do it. When I got home the temp outside was 42. All in all, I got in somewhere around 70 miles today.

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