200K Calendared Rando Ride

200K Calendared Rando Ride

Cold day, but thankfully sunny. The brevet today started in Ephrata, PA and did a loop around the town of Lancaster. The temperature at the 7:30 am start was 15 degrees. I think it warmed up to something like 34 degrees by early afternoon. I was riding my 1987 Schwinn High Sierra with two panniers attached. Started out slow because I didn’t want to sweat too much. Wet clothes in cold weather is not a good thing. The first half of the ride was hillier than I was hoping for, but it wasn’t really all that bad. The first 22 miles I took it easy socializing with a large group of riders. I departed quickly from the first rest stop. I rode miles 30 to 60 (mostly) with three guys: Greg K, Joe R, and Steve S. They dropped me around mile 60 just before we got to the Susquehanna River. However, they stopped at a tavern to eat and warm up along the river and I just kept going. They never caught back up to me. Accordingly, I rode the entire back end of the ride alone. Click on the map of the route below to see it at RWGPS. CLICK HERE to see the results page.

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