A Doable Treadmill Workout

A Doable Treadmill Workout

The past few mornings I have been showing up at my fitness club and getting in a treadmill workout before I head to the lap pool for a swim. Unlike most treadmill workouts, I have actually liked these. So I’m going to write the basic routine down so I can remember what it was that I actually liked.

I started out at 3.2 mph with incline at 2%. After 5 minutes I bumped the incline to 4%. After another 5 minutes bumped incline to 6%. Every 5 minutes I continued to bump the incline by 2% so at the end of 30 minutes I was walking at 3.2 mph on an incline of 12%. I do not hold on to the treadmill – that’s cheating. And by the end of the 30 minutes I was just starting to break a sweat. Never breathed hard.

When the timer hit 30 minutes I dropped the incline back to 2% and set the speed to 6.2 mph and kept it there for 10 minutes. I never started to breath hard, but I did sweat enough that I toweled off my face and forehead maybe 3 or 4 times. Never sweated hard. My run cadence for the final 10 minutes was 180 steps. That’s the cadence I strive to hit or exceed when running.

I’m sure this workout will get exceedingly easy in a week or two. I expect I’ll increase the the speed for the first 30 minutes by one-tenth mph increments, and for the final 10 minutes by tw0-tenths mph increments. I’ll probably have to do this every week or so. When I get somewhere around 3.8 to 4 mph for the speed during the first 30 minutes, then I will stop increasing the speed. Instead I will drop the speed back to 3.2 mph and change the incline increment to 3%. I don’t ever want to extend the overall length of the workout – it should always stay 40 minutes plus a two-minute warm down.

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