Sunday Morning Solo Ride

Sunday Morning Solo Ride

I was in the book this morning to lead a PFW B ride from East Windsor. The ride was supposed to start at 7:30, but I had checked the weather forecast last night and it said the temp at 7:30 was going to be in the teens. I don’t usually ride in weather that cold. 20s yes, but teens not so much. Anyway, as I was switching my clocks forward at 6:30 I took a look at the weather page online and it was already 21 outside. I said: Oops! I better show up for the ride. I quickly put together a loop to do, and was off for the rendez-vous location.

Nobody showed up. But I only rode 25 miles yesterday. I need the miles. So I proceeded to do the 40-miler I had planned to do. The sun was out, and it was not windy for the first half of the ride. I wish the wind had stayed home, but it had to show itself! I felt good when the ride was over. I took it easy on myself since I was alone. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS. Now it’s time to head over to my fitness club in Rocky Hill and enjoy a sit in the hot tub. Decadence at its finest.

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