200K Calendared Rando Ride

200K Calendared Rando Ride

Well, March 25th finally got here and the third of 12 Pennsylvania rando rides I’m planning to attend/complete. Things seemed really neat for the preceding week because the weather forecast was for the warmest temps on this day – maybe a high of 70 sometime in the afternoon. However, it was a little chillier in the wee hours of the morning than I had expected – the ride departed at 6 AM in the dark. Nice size crowd of riders – something like 30+. In the rush to pick up another rider in Lawrenceville who wanted to ride I forgot to pack my knapsack that I was planning to use. So I rode the ride very light. Had the CX bike along. Felt so good to ride today. As usual I rode most of the ride alone. In the beginning I was drafting off the fastest three riders, but at about 2/3 of the way up the first hill (Hollow Rd, mile 29) I let them go on their merry way. I was caught by a group of 4 on the pedestrian bridge (mile 76) just before controle 4. I don’t make long stops at the controles, but these guys did. So I continued on and they caught me again not too far away from controle 5 (mile 99). They towed me along for about 12 miles and got me over a couple of little hills that I would have significantly slowed on if they had not been there to keep me honest. They dropped me just before Warren Rd and the downhill to controle 5. Again I caught them while they were eating at the controle and I kept going, not looking forward to the last series of climbs to the finish. I got to the end about a minute before them. I teased them that they must have ordered a round of desserts at controle 5 after I left. I ended up finishing the ride in 4th overall (9 hrs, 26 min) – not that it was a race mind you. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS. CLICK HERE for the results page.

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