Saturday PFW B Ride

Saturday PFW B Ride

I was supposed to lead a B ride this morning at 7 AM from Village Park in Cranbury. However, it rained all day  yesterday and most of the night. It was still misting at 7 this morning, and the roads were soaked. The creeks and streams were all filled to the upper banks. So I blew off the 7 AM ride and opted to hang in my fitness club’s hot tub for a bit before heading over to Village Park for a 9 AM B ride that I had offered to lead, too. I got there around 8:30. Three others showed: Peter, Sandzhar, and Ralph. Peter was supposed to lead the B+ ride, but wasn’t really in the mood to lead. Sandzhar said he was a B+ rider. And Ralph wanted to do a B ride pace. So since there were two B riders, two B+ riders, but only a B leader (me) it was determined that I would lead and the pace would end up being on the high side of B. The roads were wet for the first half of the 40-mile ride. When we got to the Wawa near Jackson Outlets the wind picked up and thus the roads started to dry. As a result we had a bit of a headwind riding back to Village Park. I was riding my CX bike with 35mm tires as usual. Click on the map below to see the route we rode at RWGPS. I’ve got 5 ride sheets for the year now.

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