Tues Morning Solo 100K Ride

Tues Morning Solo 100K Ride

Yesterday I was talking to the aquatics director at one of my fitness pool locations. He’s from South Plainfield. And I had said that I had not been to his hometown in a long long time. When I got home I found myself sitting at a computer and took it upon myself to sketch a bike route from Princeton to Plainfield and back. Turned out to be a metric century ride. A distance I have not done on my own since 2015. But when I got up this morning the weather forecast was so nice that I decided I would go ahead and ride the route I sketched yesterday. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS.

The ride started at 7:30 AM. It was a little chilly to be wearing just an undershirt and short sleeve cycling jersey with arm warmers when I departed. I also had on a windbreaker (rain jacket) until about 9:15 AM. The roads I hit past So Bound Brook, up to Plainfield, and back down to River Road just north of New Brunswick were all new to me and I thought they were all wonderful to ride on. I didn’t take any rest stops, but there were sufficient options at about mile 35 to have a planned rest stop. This route would make for a wonderful metric century ride from Princeton in the PFW ride calendar. By the end of the ride it had warmed up to a level that it felt like summer had finally arrived. Really a nice day for a ride.

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