200K Calendared Rando Ride

200K Calendared Rando Ride

Today’s ride departed from Quakertown, PA at 6 AM for me. However, I had promised to pick up the Ride Captain for my Fleche ride I did earlier this year and bring him to the other ride being held with mine. The other ride was a 400K event that departed at 4 AM. To say the least, my day started very early. The 400K ride had about 15 or 16 entrants, and my ride had just me. Bummer.

The weather forecast I read before I got in the car to leave for the event said I was supposed to have a pretty nice day for a ride. When the gun went off at 6 it was very overcast and wind was picking up, a head wind. At mile 24.6 into the ride a downpour ensued, and the rain did not let up until somewhere around mile 50. The rain finally stopped around mile 75 for the day. For the most part the ride was enjoyable except for the 25 miles of downpour with the air temp in the mid to low 50s and a wind that made the temp feel lower. I was a little cold; cold enough my legs were not spinning comfortably.

The route course was beautiful. Probably a third or a little more was completely new to me. Since I don’t climb hills particularly well, this one was challenging. If you look at the map on RWGPS you will see there were three significant climbs: mile 52.6, mile 76.6, and mile 88.4. I was told after the ride that the one at mile 52.6 is touted as the longest continual tough grade climb within 200 or more miles. And the second big climb today was the backend of the hill that supports the infamous Fiddlers Elbow.

But the three big climbs dwarf some otherwise impressive climbs. I wasn’t enjoying myself too much as I climbed the hill at mile 10.4. Nor was I enjoying myself when climbing the hill at mile 84.5. I pushed onward and finished the ride in 9 hours 44 minutes. Not too fast, but not particularly slow. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS.

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3 Responses to 200K Calendared Rando Ride

  1. Alex V says:

    9-44 is IMHO quite well for the Falls Classics course. I remember that the best result in Oct 2016 was about 10 hrs. The weather was truly bad though. Alf said he did it in 9+ a couple years back.

    I really enjoyed the description of the Engelwood-Port Jervis brevet by NYC-Princeton Randonneurs. Ian M finished first just ahead of Jim Vreeland (the same 2 finished 1st and 2nd in Cranbury-200), just that time Vreeland “won”. But this is not a race! This is not a race! This is not a race! Plus they complained about the weather. Might not be perfect, but at least not +30 deg C with 70% humidity yeu can enjoy almost every day of NJ summer.

    • You say the 300k brevet put on by NJ Rando was not a race. But the short preliminary write-up they posted on their Web site certainly made it sound like a race. All that was mentioned was the finishing times and the top 4 finishers. Could have been a Tour de France stage recap for all I knew.

      Weather is definitely a factor regarding finishing times. Of course, bikes that break down also play a role. Good luck on that upcoming 600k you are entered in!

      • Alex V says:

        yeah, this is exactly what I meant. Before Cranbury 200 they repeated “this is not a race” over and over again, many times. Then they post a such a recap. Good like to you with your track races!

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