Scouting Report 2

Scouting Report 2

This scouting report pertains to the scouting of the EM1000k route outlined by the following Cue Sheet. I scouted the first 320 miles of this route earlier this month (July 4-6) which was the subject of this Blog Post. I found time yesterday to drive back to Ogdensburg, PA where I had left off, and continue to examine the remaining 300 miles of the EM1000k route. This time, however, instead of riding a bike to cover the terrain I drove my car.

I got to Ogdensburg around 9:30 in the morning. And I was able to arrive home after the day’s activities around 9:15 PM. What a full day of driving. I thought most of the roads were really nice for bike riding. There were a couple of stretches of roads that weren’t great, but not worth complaining about. Definitely none of the roads I drove today were as bad as the worst I rode on earlier this month during the first scouting session. I never encountered any road that had too much traffic to make them a hassle.

I encountered no detours that will be lasting. In the town of Northumberland I had to depart the main road through town for 3 or 4 blocks, but that will all be taken care of in several weeks. I only had to go one block over to avoid the construction work.

There were a couple of issues with the directions on the cue sheet that need fixing. At mile 436.2 the last little bit of Abby Lane becomes a one-way street the wrong way. You must take a right and a left to get to US-15 before arriving at the Comfort Suites controle stop. At mile 520.5 the street name should read Market St, not Woleber Rd. At mile 521 the cue sheet says Apple St is not marked when in fact it is. And at mile 576 there is no need to detour away from Harmonyville Rd. Apparently there was road construction on Harmonyville Rd when the cue sheet was drafted.

Before embarking on the scouting missions for this route I changed the cue sheet at mile 611 because I knew of a detour at Trumbauersville Rd. I followed the route as I have provided in the RWGPS map linked to in this post. I think the detour directions are as follows: X I-476, L Old Woods Rd, BL Wright Rd, and TR Esten Rd.

The only other issue was Controle 16 is no longer a Hess Mini Mart. Instead it is a Speedway Store.

Below is an image of the 300-mile route I drove yesterday. If you click on it you can see the route at RWGPS. I have marked the controle stops on the map, and I have created comments on the map identified by brown “i”s. Yes, I like historic covered bridges. You will see two “brown i” references to them on the map.


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