200k Calendared Rando Ride

200k Calendared Rando Ride

We really lucked out today. There was a break in the hot weather so my 125-mile group ride from Easton was very pleasant to do. The high temp was somewhere around 80, but that was only toward the end of the ride. The first third of the ride was in overcast or light misty rain. I was riding with three others: Chris N, Bill O, and Joe R. We maintained a relatively slow or casual pace. That was good for me because my legs are not up to their norm currently. I was able to get some miles today without too much strain on the heavy legs.

Today’s ride was actually a pre-ride or scouting ride for the official ride that is to take place a week from today. I’m getting mentored to be able to organize these rides, and pre-rides are part of the deal. The course was designed by Chris N. And I must say it was a real nice loop. Maybe a little hillier than I really like, but with the pace the way we did it I had no problem with the 6000+ feet of elevation gain. The roads were nice and so was the scenery.

The new feature in this route compared to most of the others I’ve done this year was that not all the controles were really there for refreshment and bathroom break. The third controle was there to keep the riders honest regarding staying on course. The segment of the loop between controles 3 and 4 included a good rest stop at a Wawa. Definitely proved to be a great stop for me! Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS. CLICK HERE for preliminary results.

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