PFW Ride Location Shortcuts

PFW Ride Location Shortcuts

Yesterday I spent some time figuring out the new online Ride Calendar the Princeton Freewheelers have created. Ride leaders can post rides on the calendar from any location they so desire. To help the ride leaders input the location information there are currently 29 “shortcuts” or “favorites” programmed into the system. They include:

  1. Bruno’s Bikes – Allentown NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  2. Byron Johnson Park – Allentown NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  3. Reed Rec Area – Allentown NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  4. Public Library – Cranbury NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  5. Village Park – Cranbury NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  6. Elementary School – E. Amwell NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  7. Etra Lake Park – E. Windsor NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  8. Panera Bread – Ewing Twp NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  9. Public Parking – Frenchtown NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  10. Peapack Baseball Field – Gladstone NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  11. Sourland Bikes – Hopewell NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  12. Manasquan Reservoir – Howell NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  13. CVS Pharmacy – Lambertville NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  14. Brookdale CC – Lincroft NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  15. Milltown Rangers AC – Milltown NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  16. High School – Pennington NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  17. School Board Bldg – Pennington NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  18. Community Park North – Princeton NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  19. High School – Robbinsville NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  20. Elementary School – Sergeantsville NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  21. Skillman Park – Skillman NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  22. Bulls Island – Stockton NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  23. Prallsville Mills – Stockton NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  24. Washington Crossing Park – Titusville NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  25. Knapps Bikes – Trenton NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  26. Mercer County Park, East – W. Windsor NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  27. Mercer County Park, Ice Rink – W. Windsor NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  28. Mercer County Park, Marina – W. Windsor NJ  GOOGLE MAPS LINK
  29. Washington Crossing Park – Washington Crossing, PA  GOOGLE MAPS LINK

I’ve actually departed on PFW rides from many of these locations, i.e., 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18, and 23-29. There are several locations that I like that are not included. But I was not planning to use the shortcuts when creating my ride listings anyway.

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