How to Build a Link Whether it is for a Ride Location or Not

How to Build a Link Whether it is for a Ride Location or Not

When building a hyperlink for your Ride Listing the first dialog box you will be faced with looks like the following image.

In every instance I can think of the Link Type (Red-A) will be an “External Page.” When you select “External Page” from the drop down list you will be given a blank box in which to type (or paste into) the Web page address for the external page. CLICK HERE to see a list of Google Map Links you could use for Web page addresses for various ride locations. Create your own using the same format, but with a different set of GPS coordinates you can find by studying a YouTube video. Of course, the Web page address could also go to any one you want it to go to. For example, a link to a RWGPS route you have created for the ride. Or a link to the PFW category pace listing so users of the Ride Calendar can easily see how fast your ride is supposed to be.

In the above image there are three options to choose from next to Red-B: Text, Button, and Image. The “text” option is selected, and thus Red-C relates to “Link Text.” You would type the text that will be underlined for the hyperlink you are creating. However, if the “button” option were selected, then the Red-C would relate to the creation of a Button. And if the “image” option were selected, then Red-C would related to the creation of an icon in the form of an image.

Next to the Red-D you have the option to have the link open in a new window, or not. I ALWAYS like to have a link open in a new window. So I recommend you hit the radio button for “New Window.”

Click save and you are done with the operation.

Now let’s assume you did not chose Text at Red-B above. Let’s assume you chose Image. You’ll be faced with a dialog box that looks like the following image.

When I first starting making hyperlinks for my Ride Listings I uploaded a file called “maps-icon.png”. You can see it listed in the image above. That image is available now for all users of the Ride Calendar. All you have to do is type “map” at Red-A and click on the button “Show Files” just below the Red-A. When you click Show Files “maps-icon.png” will pop up at Red-B. You then need to click on the filename you want, in this case maps-icon.png, and then the Select Button at Red-C. Voila, you have just set an image to anchor your hyperlink.

By the way, I have uploaded three other files to be used as icons if I recall correctly. They can be found by typing “rwgps,” “jlippin,” and “plot” instead of “map.”

I’m not going to bother explaining how to create a button as the hyperlink anchor. It’s really easy to figure out. It’s almost like the Text option.

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