Cracker Swamp 1000k Brevet

Cracker Swamp 1000k Brevet

I’m one ride away from earning my RUSA Cup award in 10 months. The significance of the “10 months” is that I am allowed to take up to 24 months to earn it, and I’m going to do it in much less than that and in my first year of doing this RUSA stuff. Way back in January I was mapping out my riding schedule and had considered doing the Cracker Swamp 1000k event coming up in 2 weeks. However, the organizer’s Web site was not listing the ride as available at that time. So I discounted the ride and gave up on trying to attend. Then the day before I left for North Carolina to do my 1200k ride a little over a week ago I was reminded that Cracker Swamp might be an option. And this time the organizer’s Web site provided the necessary information to enter.

The nice thing about the Cracker Swamp event is it will be flat and shorter than my last ride which I successfully completed. How can things go wrong? Plus entering this event down in Florida is a nice excuse to go for a mini trip. I haven’t gone south of South Carolina for several years now. CLICK HERE to see the entire 637 mile route at RWGPS. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS split into three routes since the event takes three days to complete. I’ll be starting this ride at 4 AM on October 27, 2017.

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