200k Calendared Rando Ride

200k Calendared Rando Ride

Today was Pennsylvania Rando’s monthly 200k brevet it calls the Fall Classic. It was held alongside a 150k event. So there was quite a crowd of riders departing at 7:30 in the morning. I think there were around 30 starters for the 200k ride, and 7 or 8 starters for the 150k ride. It was quite chilly at the start (in the upper 30s), but I was dressed appropriately. The trees had less leaves on them than at home. And there was more color, too. Really a nice day for a bike ride. I’m sure it got to the low 70s in the early afternoon, but I never shed my arm warmers.

I did not have high expectations for this ride. In fact, I didn’t really want to do it, but I had to in order to keep my R-12 Challenge thingy alive. On top of that, I was riding injured. My left achilles tendon was not close to 100%. I had taped it up, and I think that helped a lot. But it did not fix the problem. I rode with the leaders until the first hill and my chain dropped off when I shifted to the granny gear. Since I was wearing fingered gloves I had a little trouble getting my chain back on the chainring. I never saw the lead pack again.

I socialized with Eoghan B and Bob T (not at the same time) as I continued to ride toward the first controle (mile 40). The significance of that controle was the ride would be a third over when I got to it. When I got there some of my buddies were still there. I took a short pit stop and continued on riding with them. I got dropped on the Fox Gap climb, but regrouped with some of my buddies (Rudi, Greg, and Joe) at Controle 4. I got dropped again on the climb behind Fiddlers Elbow, but regrouped with them at Controle 5. Of course I got dropped again on the next climb and had to do Tunnel Road alone. Funny thing, I caught them at Controle 6 and departed before they did. I finished the ride a minute before them in 10:07. I suppose it was not a bad time since I was still somewhat tired from my last ride (1200k 10 days ago) and injured. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS.

CLICK HERE for the preliminary results. Somehow I finished 6th out of 29 finishers.

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