200k Calendared Rando Ride

200k Calendared Rando Ride

Well, up until a few days ago the weather had been unseasonably warm. But this morning the temperature was something like 20 degrees out. Yes, it was cold. And I had a 125 mile bike ride to do that started in downtown Milford, NJ. I had cleaned up my CX bike for the ride, but I didn’t bother to repack the bottom bracket. I should have done that because my bike was noisy all day. I suppose that’s what you get for not riding for a couple of weeks and hopping on a bike untested after being cleaned. Ouch!

Anyway, there was an alright size group that started the event. I was in the lead for the first mile I believe. Then the faster guys passed me by. I wasn’t so much trying to be first as I was trying to warm up. When we hit the first uphill I fell off the back of the lead group. Seemed like I kept catching up to my normal riding buddies at all the controles and then falling off the pace at all the hills. I actually wasn’t in much of a mood to do this ride today.

CLICK HERE for the preliminary results posted on the Pennsylvania Rando’s Web site. I didn’t have a particularly good time. But I wasn’t expecting to have one. It wasn’t terrible considering how I finished overall among the starters. I think I was 7th out of 19? Glad it’s over. I need a break from riding after my mega-month of October.

Click on the following map image to see the route detail at RWGPS.

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