RUSA Ride #1: 100 Miles

RUSA Ride #1: 100 Miles

Today was the first day of the year where the weather was amendable to going for a bike ride here in the Delaware Valley. And I needed to ride one of my RUSA permanents in order to become a “full-fledged” permanent owner. Before finishing my ride today I was just a “new permanent owner.” I didn’t ride any permanents last year. I stuck to riding calendared events. Permanents are RUSA routes that can be ridden for mileage credit any day and any time of day. Kind of neat if you are a mileage junky. For me the appeal to riding them is merely to get credit for riding miles instead of racking up a lot of miles.

I’ve got a long bike ride/event coming up at the end of May. And in order to train for it properly I plan to ride a significant number of metric centuries in March. If permanents didn’t exist, then nobody but me would know I’d ridden those miles. But by riding permanents in March I will be getting credit for riding those miles. I probably rode over 10,000 kilometers last year, but from RUSA’s standpoint I only rode about 6800. The solo rides I did from home and the rides I did with Princeton Freewheelers never made the RUSA record books.

This morning I drove over to Morrisville PA and departed on my 100-mile permanent at 7:30. Rode up the river to Easton and back. It was around 28 degrees when I departed and in the upper 30s when I got back to the car. The ride took a little over 8.5 hours. I was riding my 1980s Schwinn High Sierra. At the end of the ride it was covered in salt. The high temp during the day might have hit somewhere in the low 40s. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS.

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