RUSA Ride #3: 100k

RUSA Ride #3: 100k

I knew it was supposed to get warm today. But it was also supposed to rain for most of the day. So I had not planned to go for a bike ride. However, at noon I noticed sun beaming through my window, and I had eaten too much junk and was feeling bloated. And, of course, the temp outside was 55 degrees. Phew! So I decided to get my bike gear on and do a metric century on my Felt CX bike.

Got to the ride start about a quarter after 1 PM. Deleted all ride files from the Garmin Edge Touring device and pressed the record ride button. Off I went. The roads were still wet, but it felt like Spring otherwise. Well, not exactly. Riding did not feel all that comfortable since I haven’t done much riding to speak of since October. Made it over to Freehold and about a third of the way back to Princeton when the clouds picked up and it got VERY windy. I was a little concerned I might get blown over. But never did. There was a little rain in the mix, but I made it back to Princeton in one piece. Total time for the ride was 4 hours 18 minutes. Average pace was just a little under 15 mph. Never got out of my little chainring, a 34.

Click on the map to see my recorded ride at Garmin Connect.

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