RUSA Ride #6: 100k

RUSA Ride #6: 100k

Yesterday I had hoped to go for a 100k ride from home, but while at the pool in the morning swimming a mile my buddies told me the high temp was not going to be that good for a bike ride. So I did not go. Part of the reason was because I planned to do a 100k ride today when the high temp was supposed to get over 50. Well, I did go for a ride today. But the high temp didn’t hit 50 while I was riding. And I got a little wet at the end of the ride when the temp was 45. Thank goodness the rain did not soak me.

I liked today’s route a lot. And my CX bike handled the roads very well. Never got out of the little ring. And I tried to keep good form on the bike while I rode. It’s still quite early in the season to get too picky about form. I rode the 65 miles on an empty stomach. And I never drank from my water bottle. Pretty easy ride actually. Started to rain with about 8 miles left in the ride. My glasses got a little wet, but that was probably the only hassle with the rain. I did not get wet wet – just damp.

Click on the map below to see my ride results at Garmin Connect.

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