RUSA Ride #11: 100k

RUSA Ride #11: 100k

The weather forecast for today was for some warm weather. Really warm for February in NJ. It was a little damp and cool when I departed from home around 10. But I didn’t need any gloves, and I was wearing summer cycling shoes and cotton socks. Still on the Felt CX bike. And still staying in the little chainring.

As I pulled out of the first controle (7-Eleven on Nassau St in Princeton) I said to myself that I wasn’t really up for today’s ride. I’d had a full workout at the pool this morning, and my legs were heavy from the hills I did yesterday. Not to mention the 65 miles of bike riding. So today was going to be a recovery ride, or maybe just junk miles.

The first half of the ride was pretty easy. Had a nice tailwind for much of it. And since I wasn’t pushing I actually only had to pedal half the ride – the return trip. That when it warmed up. Got all the way up to 65 or so. Maybe a little higher? But it didn’t hit 70. That’s what’s supposed to happen tomorrow while I’m serving jury duty.

Click on the map below to see the results of my ride. Kind of quick for a recovery ride.

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