RUSA Ride #18: 100k

RUSA Ride #18: 100k

It’s hard to believe just yesterday I was shoveling over 10 inches of snow off my driveway. And now today I’m out on my old Schwinn High Sierra mountain bike doing a metric century ride. There was a pretty good wind coming from the north, and I faced it quite a bit during the first half of the ride. But it wasn’t too bad. I clearly wasn’t doing the ride for speed since I was on the 1985 Schwinn. I’m glad I pretty much know what clothes I need to wear to stay nice and warm, because when I left on the ride it seemed kind of cold for a fun ride. The wind caused a wind chill effect. I was never cold during the ride. And often I thought I was out having a nice day at a ski resort rather than out on a bike.

The snow had been fluffy, wet, and heavy. It scraped off driveways and the roads well. And because of all the sun we had yesterday the roads were extremely clear and clean today. Everything except the roads was heavily covered in snow. Really pretty! Many of the roads were not heavily traveled because they were “closed” to traffic because of trees down or power lines down. I passed one Utility Repairman who warned me to stay clear of a downed power line he was getting ready to repair. I joked with him that I figured it would warm things up. He was not in a joking manner. Dumb shit! But I just kept pedaling. Was having a ball.

I’ll probably not do another 100k tomorrow even though the weather will be fine to do so. I’ve got errands I need to do in the middle of the day when I’d be doing the ride. But that just means I’ll be better rested for a morning ride on Sunday. I’m hoping to get upwards of 2000k of riding in this month. So I cannot really squander the good riding days and still meet my quota. Click on the map below to see the results of today’s ride at Garmin Connect.

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