RUSA Ride #19: 100k

RUSA Ride #19: 100k

This morning I had to turn my clock an hour ahead when I got up. I was up plenty early enough to head over to my fitness club for a swim at 7 AM. But I chose not to go. I just wasn’t in the mood to workout. I had to tear my Schwinn High Sierra’s rear wheel apart a little in order to tighten up three of the spokes that were loose. Got the wheel back together so I’d be set to go for a metric century ride this afternoon. But when noon rolled around I almost didn’t suit up for the ride. It was cold and the sun hadn’t come out yet.

I told myself that even though I wasn’t going to get a good training ride in since I was not in the correct mood for one, I still needed to get out on the bike and at least do 62 junk miles. I actually wasn’t lying to myself because it might snow tomorrow. Thus I might not be able to ride outdoors on Tuesday. And Wednesday almost certainly will be consumed with my grand jury service obligation. That would leave Thursday for a ride. But I plan to do a 200k pre-ride for PA Rando on Friday. So it became obvious that I probably won’t get another ride in until Friday.

The ride went pretty much as expected. The only surprise for me was I broke 5 hours. I kind of figured I was going to casually arrive after 5 and a half hours. Click on the map below to see the ride results at Garmin Connect.

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