Schwinn High Sierra It Is

Schwinn High Sierra It Is

Yesterday I didn’t go for a ride because I had errands to do that had to be done in the middle of the day. One of the errands was to visit a local bike shop to order spokes for three 20-inch wheels I’m building, and to figure out why the new chain I recently installed on my Felt CX bike was not working properly. Turns out the spokes I need are special order lengths. They won’t come in a prepackaged box. I guess I should have anticipated this since two of the wheels will have front generator (dyno) hubs, and the one rear wheel I’m building is different than any other I’ve built in the past. The shop owner told me he could get the spokes for me. They’ll just cost a little more than normal. Today I found a tool that will enable me to cut my own custom spokes when I want to. But the spokes I need are now currently on order.

And the problem with my new chain not working turned out to be a cassette that was just plain old worn out. But to make that situation difficult I was informed that the cassette I need to replace is not one that is popular. It’s a 12-30 tooth 10-speed cassette. But I went ahead and had the shop owner order me two that he found.

So until I get that new cassette in a couple of weeks, I am stuck having to do my RUSA rides on my old Schwinn High Sierra. That bike has a loose spoke in the rear wheel right now. And it is noisy when I ride the bike. So I’ll have to clean up that wheel before I go for a ride later today. And soon I’ll have to finish building the front dyno wheel I’ve got for that bike so I will have a nice headlight for the Lackawanna 200k I’m pre-riding later this week. I rode the Schwinn on two brevets last year. It performed OK. So it’s not too much of a concession to ride it again for a bit this year. But it is not nearly as much fun to ride as my Felt CX.

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