RUSA Ride #21: 200k

RUSA Ride #21: 200k

2623k total. My legs were really heavy yesterday after doing the speedy ride on Saturday which I did somewhat soon after doing a 200k ride on Thursday. Thus I didn’t even think about going for a ride yesterday. When I got up this morning and went over to the pool for a swim I had only thought about doing a 100k ride today. But as I sat in the hot tub talking with the lifeguard I figured today would actually be a pretty good day to do another 200k ride. And I hadn’t ridden my Hillsborough perm yet. So I decided to do the Hillsborough route.

It turned out to be a really nice day for a ride (solo as usual). The wind wasn’t too strong, and I got the benefit of a tailwind quite often. I had to deal with a headwind or two, but they were not too bad. It was a little chilly at the outset, but that wasn’t too bad either. I was back riding my Felt CX bike. So the speed of the ride was pretty good. Didn’t have to use lights or reflective gear today. I departed around 9 AM and was done around 6:30. I still don’t like riding 200k routes. It’s not that they are difficult. It’s just that they don’t fit well into a training plan. They are too long to make adaptations to your musculature. This is especially true for older riders. And they are too short to help much with real endurance. So what value do they have? Not much. Little value translates into a waste of time for me. So I probably never will be a fan of 200k rides. Click on the map below to see the results of my ride at Garmin Connect.

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