RUSA Ride #25: 101k

RUSA Ride #25: 101k

Another RUSA member wanted to do my Easy Peasy route for credit this morning. I knew I wanted to get out on the bike this morning in order to hit 3000k for the year by the end of March and still be able to do the Princeton Freewheeler B+ ride on Saturday morning. So I agreed to do the Easy Peasy ride with the guy. Since it was my fourth day in a row riding a metric it made perfect sense to do it with someone so I could pass the ride away without much mental effort. It was pretty damp for the first 2/3 of the ride. But I never got wet. And the temp was reasonable. All in all, it was a pretty good ride and I hit my 3000k quota as planned. I was very happy about that. I won’t be riding a whole lot of 100k rides in the near future. It’s time to focus on strength and speed work with some longer rides thrown in. Click on the map below to see the results of the ride at Garmin Connect.

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