Saturday Morning Group Ride: 35 miles

Saturday Morning Group Ride: 35 miles

Yesterday I started to put my CX bike back together after last Sunday’s 300k ride. Turned out the casing for the broken gear cable was shot, too. I’ve got all the parts I need to put it together now, and it is half together, but I didn’t bother to finish the repair. This morning I needed a bike to ride. So I pulled the Cinelli out of the basement. I haven’t been on that bike for at least four months. It felt a little strange. I guess it was good I had to ride it today because I plan to ride it when I do the 400k ride I’ve got planned in two weeks. Better get reacquainted with it.

The weather was nothing to brag about today. Very windy. Not particularly warm – something like 41 degrees. There was a small crowd at Village Park this morning. Quite a few cyclists. However, there were three rides departing at the same time – C+, B, and B+. And the B+ group only had six of us planning to ride together: Peter, me, Eric, and three others I don’t know by name.  Eric had a cold. And he decided around mile 13 that he wanted to call it a day and head on home. I chose to go with him since I wasn’t having a particularly good ride myself. I didn’t really want to ride today.

When I got home I went to my fitness club to sit in the hot tub and then take a long shower. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS. I did not record the ride today. Didn’t bring a watch nor a Garmin device on the ride.

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