RUSA Ride #27: 400k

RUSA Ride #27: 400k

I met Bill O and Chris N at the Weisel Hostel at 4 AM outside of Quakertown, PA this morning to do the pre-ride for the upcoming May 5th PA Randonneur 400k event. The weather was nice for a long ride except for the somewhat significant headwind we had to deal with for the first 100 miles. I had never ridden this course. I pretty much liked it. Not sure if I would want to do it over and over again. But it was nice for a 1-time shot.

Bill and Chris know each other a lot better than I know either of them. I felt like I was accepted into their ride so to speak. Had fun. It was pretty uneventful. We saw a family of fox, and then later another fox or two along the ride. Late in the ride as we were approaching NJ we found ourselves on a road that had lots of large and small toads. Been a while since I’ve seen so many toads out.

My left knee started to act up a little with about 50 miles to go. My left achilles tendon was a little sore and I apparently tried to give it a rest and that’s when my knee started to act up. I’ve never had a problem with Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) or IT Band problems before, but now I know what it’s like. I could barely drive home after the ride my knee was so messed up. It should get better somewhat quickly since I don’t think I tore anything. It better get better quick because I have to do a 600k pre-ride on May 4th.

The three of us stayed together for pretty much the entire ride. My chain fell off and got wedged between the frame and cranks on the hill just as we departed Reigelsville. Bill and Chris kept going. I lost touch with them as a result and then unknowingly passed them. Our brevet cards all indicate we finished together even though I was a little bit (15 minutes) ahead. Click on the map below to see the record file of the ride at Garmin Connect.

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2 Responses to RUSA Ride #27: 400k

  1. ALEX V says:

    Get well Jeff. If your legs are not right by the date of 600K preride you may be able to do it on the scheduled day with everybody else. I actually thought the time limit for 400K was 25hrs and your time would put you guys OTL but I apparently forgot something. MntBlue is tricky. Fatigue in your legs vs getting tired and sleepy just from staying on your bike.

    I briefly checked the Fleche routes a week before the start and though Rudy’s team was a good candidate for DNF/OTL especially with a wind from southwest but I am glad to see they got to the finish line in sufficient quantity inside the limit!

  2. Hi Alex. Glad to hear from you. I assume you are doing fine in your new surroundings and home? Not much new happening here. It’s now Tuesday morning after the 400k pre-ride that ended on Friday morning. I have no pain in my knee now. Yesterday morning there were still some pins and needles in it when using the jets in the therapy pool at my fitness club. I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to do the 600k pre-ride this coming Friday. I originally was not going to do a 600k ride this year, but Bill O was the sole volunteer to do the pre-ride and I just couldn’t expect him to do it alone. If I don’t do the pre-ride with Bill, then I won’t do a 600k this year since I am responsible for helping the riders when they depart, check-in, and eat/sleep at the hostel during the actual event.

    I didn’t find the Blue Mountain course tricky at all. And don’t let the slow time fool you that I’m getting slow. I just stayed with the other two on the ride and had a good time. They controlled the pace. Brevet time limits: 200k = 13.5 hours, 300k = 20 hours, 400k = 27 hours, and 600k = 40 hours. A slower pace really lets you enjoy the scenery of the course.

    Rudi’s team during the Fleche was the only one to have a DNF. One rider crashed before they got to mile 90 or so. He had to call a Uber/Taxi to come pick him up and take him home. You know something about doing that. According to Rudi, they lost about an hour or 90 minutes due to the crash. But otherwise they had a very smooth Fleche. They were not nearly as strong as our team last year. Greg is not as fit as when he rode with you and me.

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