Getting Ready for My 1200k Ride

Getting Ready for My 1200k Ride

Today I am putting finishing touches on my Cinelli to ready it for my first Grand Brevet of the year that begins on Thursday at 5 AM out of Leesburg, VA. If you click on the above-map you can see the route at RWGPS. It has the controle stops marked as cue sheet entries. I threw this map together by adding four route files the event organizer gave me. Now I can create my own timing grid so I can figure out the weather I’ll be facing during the ride. Preliminarily it looks like some rain, but not so hot or cool weather. Should be pretty nice for such a long ride.

I haven’t gotten out on a road bike for almost a month. I’ve been dealing with a left IT Band problem since I last rode. So I gave myself 2 weeks of rest and some rehab. And then two weeks of rehab. If I’d ridden, then the rehab work would not have been as productive. Hopefully my left leg won’t give me problems during the ride. I feel pretty good. Pretty rested. And a little heavy. I’ve been having fun eating a lot. Not good!

The course isn’t very pretty. And there is more overlap in it than I think there should be. But it is a grand brevet, it’s somewhat close to home, and a ride is a ride. It has hills, but I didn’t notice any that were too extreme. I’ll pass through DC and WV during this ride which will bring my “state count” up to 13. By the end of the year I hope to also add DE, MN, WI, and MI to the count, which should bring the “state count” up to 17 which is not too bad for doing RUSA for only 2 years.

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