BR2B 1200k Day 1 Was an Experience

BR2B 1200k Day 1 Was an Experience

I had fun at the Blue Ridge to Bay 1200k bike event that started at 5 AM on Thursday out of Leesburg, VA. Saw some friends, met some new ones, and had a good day of riding. It was a wet experience, but I prefer the weather the way we got it if you consider how hot it could have been. I rode much of the day with Rudi Mayr who had traveled to the event with me by car.

I did not have high expectations for this ride going into it. The last bike ride I’d gone on had been the PA 600k on May 4th and I had to rest my left IT Band after that for about 10 days before getting somewhat serious with the rehab of the glute and hip flexor that tie into that IT Band. I knew it would be an uphill battle getting into riding mode after such a long time off the bike. And early into the ride on Thursday I knew I wasn’t really into riding my bike. So I decided to finish out the day by getting to the sleepover controle (233 miles into the event) in Sheperdstown, WV and throw in the towel at that point. Get a good night’s sleep and ride the 42 miles back to Leesburg, VA in the morning where I had my car parked. The route I took to get back to Leesburg can be found if you click on the following map.

My chain fell off several times on Thursday, and at some point getting it extracted from the crank I bent a link. Rudi helped me remove the bent link and my bike was then back to working pretty well. I got to the motel in Shepardstown, WV at 1:30 AM on Friday morning. The food at the motel was good. And so was the shower I had before I got into bed.

This was my second DNF as a RUSA rider. My first was my first RUSA ride back in January, 2017. I shouldn’t complain about this DNF because I pretty much expected it before I started. I had gotten registered for this event back in January. Paid my entry fee. And qualified to ride it in every imaginable way. Furthermore, I didn’t get injured until after all options for an entry fee refund had expired. So what did I have to lose by going ahead and starting the ride. I had a great time riding the first day. So I have to say the outing was a success.

Where does this leave me with regard to my RUSA event plans for 2018? I had originally planned to enter the Lap of the Lake (LOL) 1000k to be held in July. I don’t think I’m going to enter it now. I’m registered for two 1200k events in August. And I have every intention of riding and successfully completing them. I’m going to focus on getting healthy and ride-fit between now and then. That’s all.

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