Thursday Morning Ride: 65 miles

Thursday Morning Ride: 65 miles

This morning at 6 AM I departed on a ride I mapped out last night on RWGPS. The weather forecast was for rain by 11 AM. So I wanted to get out early. I also wanted to get in something around a metric century ride. By 10:40 I completed the ride. It got kind of warm during the second half of the ride. I was glad to be done.

While riding Ridge Road heading toward Lindbergh Road just above Hopewell I got caught by a rider I’d never met before. I was going slow, and being quite lazy. Figured I’d already done some “good miles,” and thought I would relax a little in the heat. When the cyclist caught me he kind of looked like he was going to try and pass me by. I don’t like to get passed. So I chirped up out of my slumber and proceeded to ride with him through my turnoff from Hollow Road at Skillman Road. He was pushing pretty hard down Hollow Road. Even got the pace up to 30 mph. I hollered to him that I’ve only put my chain on the big chainring on maybe 5 rides this year. And I wasn’t going to make the current ride number 6. I think that is why he jumped the pace up to 30 on Hollow. I had an easy time holding his wheel in my little 34-tooth ring.

Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS.

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