Saturday 200k Ride from Downingtown

Saturday 200k Ride from Downingtown

Mary Foley and I drove over to Downingtown, PA to ride one of my RUSA perms today. We arrived in Downingtown before sun up, and departed on the ride at 6:50 AM. Both of us seemed excited about doing the ride. A successful completion by me would mean I could add a fourth state this year to my American Explorer RUSA award. Mary had several reasons for wanting to tackle the route.

The weather was very pleasant. It was around 60 degrees and clear when we departed. But the roads were a little damp. It had rained some over night and even while we were putting our bikes together before the start. The high temp for the day was in the mid 70s, and it was in the upper 50s when we reached the final controle.

The drive back to Princeton was easy. Today’s ride very well might be my last RUSA ride of the year. I’m in diet mode and don’t really have any desire to do any rides longer than 40 or 50 miles. I currently plan to start up doing some perms of mine in January. Next year I don’t know how active I will be doing calendared RUSA rides. I do know I want to do at least two 300k rides, two 1000k rides, and a fleche, but beyond that I’m uncommitted.

Click on the map below to see an uploaded route recording of today’s ride.

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